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We continue to reflect and discuss the key principles underlying the activities of the Agency for Professional Development (A-Pro). Today I am thinking about RESPONSIBILITY.

Synonyms of RESPONSIBILITY are reliability, commitment, maturity, maturity, seriousness, obedience, firmness, stability and more. No less important is how, due to what and by whom this compliance is achieved.

If we are talking about RESPONSIBILITY, which is based on a balance of incentives-punishments, or just punishments, then this is a story that has nothing to do with the values ​​of A-O. Just as you can't force a person to be happy, you can't force them to be responsible. Obedient, humble - yes, but not responsible.

For us, RESPONSIBILITY is exclusively voluntary and conscious. This is a choice. It is a value that allows you to move forward, plan and implement, share responsibilities and combine efforts and ideas, achieve synergies.

RESPONSIBILITY ceases to be coercion when our expectations of us and our expectations of others coincide. That is, we do everything that is expected of us. Instead, we get everything, or almost everything, that we expected. Questions for the little one. How to achieve this ideal?

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