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We begin a series of reflections on what is important to us and invite you to join the discussion

One of our key values is RESPECT. Usually this concept is revealed (used) where there is a partnership or during communication between people. If you look at the etymology of the word "respect", you can see that it is "something that has weight, significance."

In society, Respect can be the fertile ground on which the happiness of each individual and all together will grow, but there are some distortions of attitudes or stereotypes that prevent this from happening. Here is one of them: each person has knowledge, experience, a path that we may or may not know, but we should not devalue them because of it.

When we know how to treat our own achievements and achievements with value, we will not apply evaluative judgments or devaluations to others at all. After all, this is the basis of Respect - the ability to see in others his human dignity, uniqueness, even where he himself may have forgotten it.

Respect is what is so lacking today in ordinary communication, in work relationships, and in the family and society as a whole. Respect is talked about all the time, everyone seems to know everything about it and even claim that this is how they live. And why then so often in life people complain of contempt and hostility to each other? Respecting others not in words but in deeds is about remembering their needs and feelings in their words and actions.

In general, Respect is related to accepting a person as a whole, "without conditions", without meeting our expectations, simply because it is already a Value in itself. And it is in this paradigm that we enrich each other by touching each other in partnership.

The Professional Development Agency strives to create such conditions where each participant in the process has the opportunity to feel their significance and importance. We respect the thoughts and ideas of others, we broadcast it because we respect ourselves and the work we serve and create.

How to show Respect?

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